James Gillick

Still Life

Oil, Saute Pan & Chillies
Green Plum on a White Saucer with Knife
Chopsticks & Bowl
‘Spanish White Onions, Pewter Jug & Cloves’
‘Brass Pan & Blue Eggs’
‘George III Silver Cream Jug’
Seven Lilies
Tureen, Garlic, Apples, Melon & Bowl of Mackerel
Japanese Pot with Folded Cloth
Butter Pat, Knife & Silver Salt Bowl
Victoria Plums in a Stoneware Bowl
Silver Jug, Music Book & Pen
Bronze Skillet & Blue Eggs
Apples in a Bowl with Jug
Garlic and Brass Pan
Garlic & Bronze Pestle & Mortar
Open Pomegranite
Silver Tureen & Spoon
Apples in a Brown Bowl
Daffodil in a Sherry Glass
English Partridge & Empty Glass
Sugar Bowl & Knife
The Red Jug
Garlic & Iron Pestle & Mortar
Four Porcelain Bowls
Three Peaches on a Stone Dish
Pale Yellow Tulips in an 18thC Delft Vase
Bellis Flower & Glass
Hydrangeas in a Delft Vase with Georgian Silver Jug. Reprise
Art Deco Silver Coffee Pot
Daffodil in a Funnel Glass
Split Pomegranite & Knife
Lillies in a Deco Vase
Silver Plate and Mustard Pot
Chinese Teapot, Chillies & Ruskin Dish
‘Lone Tulip, Lying’
Porcelain Bowl & Spoon (reprise)
Hydrangeas & Books
Bantam Eggs & Frying Pan
The Bronze Pot
Chicory, Bowl & Knife
Chicory on a Black Plate
Compass & Map
Deco Silver Coffee Pot & Spoon
18thC Delft Vase, Blue Eggs & Bread
Lone Snowdrop
Padlock, Unlocked
Pale Blue Jug
Steel & Ceramic Milk Jug
Steel & Ceramic Sugar Bowl
White Hydrangeas in a Trumpet Vase
Yellow Peonies in a Copper Vase
Geometry Tools, Inks & Paper
Palest Pink Peonies in a Crackle Vase
Pale Pink Peony in a Cylindrical Vase
Ink, Pen & Paper
Pale Peonies in a Small Glass Vase
Silver Biscuit Barrel, Coffee & Tongs
Coral & Yellow Peonies in a Tall Vase
Pale Blue Irises in a Conical Wall Vase
Four Pomegranates
Iris 'Interpol' in a Black Vase
Dropping Magnolias
Old Money
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