James Gillick

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Still Life

Knife on a Stone Plate
18thC Delft Vase, Blue Eggs & Bread
Bantam Eggs & Frying Pan
White Hydrangeas in a Trumpet Vase
Red Ranunculus in a Glass Vase
Duck Egg & Silver Spoon
Apricots & Dish
Chicory, Bowl & Knife
Yellow Peonies in a Copper Vase
Art Deco Silver Coffee Pot
Old English Roses
Silver Buscuit Barrel & Tongs
Pale Blue Jug
Balsam & Spoon
Deco Silver Coffee Pot & Spoon
Three Gerberas in a Dark Vase
Steel & Ceramic Sugar Bowl
Bellis Flower & Glass
Three Duck Eggs in an Oval Bowl
The Bronze Pot
White Peonies in a Tall Glass Vase
Chicory & Balsamic Vinegar
Coral Pansy in Coral-Red Vase
Lone Snowdrop
Garlic & Iron Pestle & Mortar
Chicory on a Black Plate
Lillies in a Deco Vase
Padlock, Unlocked
Three Peaches on a Stone Dish
Compass & Map
Chinese Teapot, Chillies & Ruskin Dish
Steel & Ceramic Milk Jug


Brace of Wemmergill Grouse
Cock & Hen Pheasant
Teal Glass & Bowls


Arabian Mare and Stallions
Arabian Stallion
Young Arabian Stallion
Halting Polo Pony
Arabian Mare and Foal
Arabian Mare and Her New Born Foal


4Kg of Au
Three Chinese Pears (reprise)
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